Solo Projects


These projects represent the best of my personal work since coming to the Guildhall in July 2005. Each demo is available on a separate page, which includes screenshots, downloadable executables, and project documentation.


(1) 3D Rendering.

High Dyamic Range

Demonstrates the difference between bloom and HDR.




CPU Animation

Wrote an exporter for max that stores bone data in a chunked file format. The demo shows off two different methods of interpolating between animation frames.




Bump Mapping with Specular Highlights

A cubic demonstration of the wonders of texture space.




Terrain Editor

Edit a height map, then throw cubes at it and watch them bounce.





Particle Effects Demo

Using Forward Euler to design emitters.





Dual Renderer BSP

Quake bsp, ray-casting, PVS culling

(2) Artificial Intelligence.

pathfinding solution over wireframe terrainPathfinding Over Terrain

Point and click to move an animated entity over a large terrain.




FastGeneticSearchAspect-Oriented Genetic Search

Testbed for biological search, optimized for small populations with high mutation rates. Implemented via mix-in classes, parameterized construction to produce a swappable set of search policies--a template extravaganza (includes source code).



BBPathSolverBlood Bowl Path Solver (A-Star Search)

Move entities around a board, set up obstacles and view paths.

(3) Physics.

SpringSystemSpring System

Point-point and point-plane collision demo using blocks connected by springs.




LunarLanderLunar Lander

Straight-line motion disguised as a classic arcade game. This demo is actually pretty fun.

(4) Sound.

SoundManagerSound Effects Lab

Pro tools, look out.

(5) Games.

Orbital 2D gameOrbital

A complete 2D game demo.




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